Here are just a few sample speeches given by members. Rainbow Toastmasters records speeches for our members, but it is entirely voluntary. Recordings are also kept private unless the member chooses to make it public. To view all of our public speeches, please visit our YouTube channel.

While you may feel intimidated to have a speech recorded, many members find it helpful to see for themselves how well they project their voice, how effective their gestures are, and how they carry themselves. Learning to objectively evaluate your own performance can make an enormous difference with your next presentation.

Speech Title: 250 Calories Of Love

In order to improve and refine different aspects of our public speaking, each member works from a booklet containing a series of speech projects designed by Toastmasters International. The first manual–Competent Communication–has 10 speech projects. For each project the speaker must craft their own custom speech that meets the objectives of that project.

“250 Calories Of Love” was Derek’s speech for Project #4 (How To Say It). The objectives of this project are to select the right words and sentence structure to communicate ideas clearly, accurately and vividly; to use rhetorical devices to enhance and emphasize ideas; and to eliminate jargon and unnecessary words. The speech must be between 5 and 7 minutes in length.

Speech Title: The Last Night

After members complete all 10 speech projects in the Competent Communication manual, they may choose to move on to an advanced manual. “The Last Night” was Geoff’s speech for Project #1 (Read A Story) from the Interpretive Reading manual. The objectives of this speech are to understand the elements of interpretive reading, to learn how to analyze a narrative and plan for effective interpretation, and to apply vocal techniques that will aid in the effectiveness of the reading. The speech must be between 8 and 10 minutes in length.

Speech Title: Transcendent Shitstorm

Each year, Toastmasters hosts a series of speech contests, including competitions for best humorous speech, best Table Topics response, best evaluator, and best International speech. For the International category, Liz delivered her aptly titled speech, “Transcendent Shitstorm”.

For more information about speech contests, visit our Events page, or the  Toastmasters International website.