When asked “What does Rainbow mean to you?” here’s what our members have to say

“Rainbow is a great fellowship along with an amazing learning institution. I’ve improved my public speaking ability immensely and have developed friendships that extend beyond the meetings.”

“I am learning valuable communication and leadership skills and making great friends too.”

“Rainbow Toastmasters is very important to me. It gives me an opportunity to improve myself professionally and also interact socially with people in the community I most identify with.”

“It’s not only well run, but fun. It’s a terrific group of people.”

“A place to share ideas while practicing public speaking and learn leadership skills.”

“It’s a club that’s so much fun. It’s also a club with high standards.”

“Great opportunity to learn to speak publicly without the need to sensor our content. Good group of people.”

“It’s a friendly, fun and safe place for public speaking, a place full of talented people help me to gain confidence in public speaking.

“It means the rainbow and pot of gold at the end to me, so wonderful! I appreciate the diversity in ages a lot and love hearing everyone’s life experiences!”

“It is a practicing opportunity to speak efficiently, such as explaining, describing, and entertaining, in non-primary language”

“a safe place to improve my speaking skills as well as a space to learn about others in my community”

“..the world”