Member Resources

The following documents are here to assist you in your growth as a Toastmasters Member. If you are a new member, you will need to request access to any Google Docs listed (simply click on the document title).

Upcoming Role Signup Sheet
Use this spreadsheet to sign up for roles in advance and to confirm or cancel your role as needed.

Member Roster
This is a list of the current members. Please use this as your source for emailing all members. Reminder: please use BCC for emailing the group to be respectful of each other’s personal information.

How to be ‘Toastmaster of the Day’
This document will help you prepare for overseeing a fun, informative meeting

Blank Agenda v1 Blank Meeting Agenda v1
If you are the Toastmaster of the day, here is a template you can use to create the meeting agenda.
Word Format
Blank Agenda v2 Blank Meeting Agenda v2
A second template you can use to create the meeting agenda.
Excel Format

Description of Meeting Roles